Oceanic Scales Puzzle Game / App Beta Testing at Weatherbee Elementary

We had the opportunity last month to beta test our new Oceanic Scales puzzle game and app system with the 4th grade class of the Weatherbee Elementary School in Hampden, Maine.  Chynna Avery Felice, the creator of the Oceanic Scales lesson plans invited her partner Gene A. Felice II, co-creator of the Oceanic Scales puzzle game[…]

Oceanic Scales Lesson Plan #4: The Power of Recycling Graph

Students will gain an understanding of how and why recycling helps our environment while recording and comparing conscious choices they are personally making while setting goals for the future. What is plastic made from?  Why is it so important to conserve fossil fuels?   How do our recycling choices affect phytoplankton? DOWNLOAD THE LESSON PLAN HERE[…]