Round Houses

Here are a few links / possibilities as we move forward on developing our round structure with a domed roof! The infamous “Round / Sphere House” of Logan Ohio: A great blog post on round houses around the world: Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House:    

DIY and Professional Water Sensor options

I’ve been comparing various professional & DIY scientific water sensors for PH, Salinity, Dissolved Solids, Conductivity, etc. and have come up with these options.  I just purchased an Atlas-Scientific Conductivity kit.  While I’m told from a scientist friend of mine that they’re not accurate enough for published data collection, I’m hoping they’re sensitive enough for[…]

UCSC’s Ocean Data Center

Here are a couple of great resources for research going on at UCSC in the realm of phytoplankton other microorganisms: And some weekly phytoplankton sampling in the Monterey Bay:  

Dinoflagellates: Glowing Predators

Little did I know that the bio-luminescent phytoplankton known as Dinoflaggellates are actually predators and eat other phytoplankton.  While the rest are busy sequestering carbon and producing oxygen, these ones are hunting their own.  

Red Tides & First Flush

Here are a few resources on red tides and the “first flush” phenomenon.  Both the result of an over-abundance of phytoplankton, often caused by man-made fertilizers and waste.

Phytoplankton’s key role in the Oceanic Food Chain

A great article on the key role that phytoplankton plays at the bottom of the oceanic food chain: Another great article on the adaptability of phytoplankton: A massive archive of phytoplankton videos not to be missed:  

Ernst Haeckel – The definition of Inspiration

Ernst Haeckel is a true and constant source of inspiration, in everything and anything relating to the sea, microorganisms, 19th century naturalism or wonderfully blurred lines between science and art. Proteus:  a very unique looking documentary on Ernst Haeckel More images & Info:

What does “Interdisciplinary” really mean? & more refinements…

This week was a lesson in what the term “Interdisciplinary” really means.  We started this quarter with the idea that we’re forming an inter-disciplinary group of individuals from a variety of fields / expertise (Art, Marine Biology, Computer Science, Gaming, Engineering, etc..) so that we can cross-pollinate and create a diverse team of knowledge, production[…]

Water Quality Data Resources in S.F. & Monterey Bay

Here are a couple of great resources for obtaining live water quality data in the San Francisco Bay area. In Santa Cruz / Monterey: And in the Monterey Bay / Elkhorn Slew: And a an interesting data site monitoring ocean color around the world:  

Interactive Phytoplankton & Jellyfish exhibits at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Here’s a couple of links to some great projects at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, that allow visitors to interact with digital jellyfish, through a foot pump interface: And another amazing touch screen interface for exploring the world of Phytoplankton:

MBARI – Monterey Bay Area Research Institute

It’s pretty amazing to have this incredible research institute right here in our back yard in Moss Landing.  It’s even more amazing to get to collaborate with Steve Haddock as an advisor on the project.  Here are some links to some great resources on their website: