Laser cut Silk & Kelp Phytoplankton Abstracts

As a series of experiments for possible components of Oceanic Scales, these forms have evolved into projects of their own. They are made of natural and biodegradeable materials such as silk and locally harvested kelp. Their formsare inspired by the endless geometries of ocean phytoplankton such as diatoms, dinoflaggelates and coccoliths.

Bioluminescent Phytoplankton Garden / Lab

In an effort to understand and collaborate with Phytoplankton I’ve started a Bioluminescent phytoplankton garden / lab as a spur project of Oceanic Scales. I am currently growing three varieties of Phytoplankton which were purchased from a local culture lab Empco in an attempt to learn more about this amazing organism and to discover new ways[…]

Succulent Updates from the Greenhouse…

Jim Velzy at the UCSC Greenhouse has been doing an amazing job with the succulents for our project.  These Dudleya Caespitosa aka “Live Forevers” were originally intended for a green roof design for our outside structure but have now been worked into the wall structures of the installation.  The photos above are from the beginning[…]

More PHP

I was researching if I was writing my PHP scripts correctly to work with the Arduino and I came across a video that was pretty interesting. Having an Arduino connected to a Nokia screen and using PHP to access the rss to display the weather. He even has the code in the description. It[…]

System Designs

This week was definitely system design week.  Joe and I are coming up with more and more questions about the specifics about how we want things to run, and we’ve already demolished a few problems.  Specifically, we’ve created an awesome system for hard-coding physical x/y coordinates so that we can do visual effects in terms[…]

Pendulums, Part II

While the possibility of servo-motors still exists, and has already been demonstrated to work under a fairly simple control scheme, servo-motors are somewhat expensive ($8-10 each) and exhibit a great deal of mechanical noise. An alternative actuator is the solenoid. While solenoids can range in cost, I have already found a source that will sell[…]