Pendulums, Part II

While the possibility of servo-motors still exists, and has already been demonstrated to work under a fairly simple control scheme, servo-motors are somewhat expensive ($8-10 each) and exhibit a great deal of mechanical noise. An alternative actuator is the solenoid. While solenoids can range in cost, I have already found a source that will sell[…]

Pi, PureData, Python and PHP

Alright. So I looked into Satellite CCRMA, which offers an all-in-one image for the RPi, including PureData, Arduino and a bunch of other useful tools + software for audio installations such as ours. I have this image running on my pi right now. I’ve set up a pretty nifty little self-contained PureData development environment. Now[…]

Audio on RaspPi

I poked around a bunch looking for non-MacMini solutions for our audio system and found very little. RaspberryPi seems to be the best option and capable of supporting multi-channel audio, though audio on RaspPi seems to be troublesome and problematic at best. That said, this guy got a RaspPi working as a DSP processor… In[…]

SolidWorks Modeling

Any object that was made by three dimensional printing or machining was at some point a computer model. While different CNC machines may take different languages (usually stl file), these all began as three dimensional computer models in programs like SolidWorks, which allow a user to construct in a simulated three dimensional environment and organize[…]

Raspberry Pi Audio

I was interested in what Sudhu was working on with MAX/MSP for the audio component of the project. In trying to find a way to get a similar live audio system running (as opposed to looping pre-recorded tracks), I found out that Pure Data has been successfully tested on the RPi. Pure Data, as I[…]