An interactive art and science puzzle

System features

Art & Science Puzzle

This project explores the boundaries between art and science, building interdisciplinary collaboration through an interactive, multi-media puzzle, exploring phytoplankton as a subject of investigation and discovery.

Modular Design

Oceanic Scales is modular in design including options for a full or partial interactive installation, a smaller / portable touch screen version and a mobile app version designed for elementary school students and teachers.

Sustainable Materials

There’s no point in making a project about ocean health if it’s made from toxic materials that will end up in our rivers and oceans. Oceanic Scales is made from biodegradable materials such as Bamboo Plywood, Cast Pine Resin, PLA based 3D prints, Recycled Cardboard & Natural Latex Rubber to name a few.

App & Educational Game

One of the newest additions to the Oceanic Scales system, is an Ipad based app and gaming system designed for 2nd through 4th grade students, including lesson plans for teachers, following national science and core curriculum standards

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