Interactive Phytoplankton & Jellyfish exhibits at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Here’s a couple of links to some great projects at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, that allow visitors to interact with digital jellyfish, through a foot pump interface: And another amazing touch screen interface for exploring the world of Phytoplankton:

MBARI – Monterey Bay Area Research Institute

It’s pretty amazing to have this incredible research institute right here in our back yard in Moss Landing.  It’s even more amazing to get to collaborate with Steve Haddock as an advisor on the project.  Here are some links to some great resources on their website:

First Oceanic Scales / Mechatronics class!

We had the first class of our Spring quarter Mechatronics / Oceanic Scales project group this week and everyone got to introduce themselves and share their thoughts. Jennifer put together an amazing array of  land & ecology based artists, widening perspectives and planting seeds of creativity.  With over a dozen graduate and undergraduate students involved,[…]