Round Houses

Here are a few links / possibilities as we move forward on developing our round structure with a domed roof! The infamous “Round / Sphere House” of Logan Ohio: A great blog post on round houses around the world: Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House:    

DIY and Professional Water Sensor options

I’ve been comparing various professional & DIY scientific water sensors for PH, Salinity, Dissolved Solids, Conductivity, etc. and have come up with these options.  I just purchased an Atlas-Scientific Conductivity kit.  While I’m told from a scientist friend of mine that they’re not accurate enough for published data collection, I’m hoping they’re sensitive enough for[…]

UCSC’s Ocean Data Center

Here are a couple of great resources for research going on at UCSC in the realm of phytoplankton other microorganisms: And some weekly phytoplankton sampling in the Monterey Bay:  

Dinoflagellates: Glowing Predators

Little did I know that the bio-luminescent phytoplankton known as Dinoflaggellates are actually predators and eat other phytoplankton.  While the rest are busy sequestering carbon and producing oxygen, these ones are hunting their own.  

Red Tides & First Flush

Here are a few resources on red tides and the “first flush” phenomenon.  Both the result of an over-abundance of phytoplankton, often caused by man-made fertilizers and waste.

Phytoplankton’s key role in the Oceanic Food Chain

A great article on the key role that phytoplankton plays at the bottom of the oceanic food chain: Another great article on the adaptability of phytoplankton: A massive archive of phytoplankton videos not to be missed:  

Ernst Haeckel – The definition of Inspiration

Ernst Haeckel is a true and constant source of inspiration, in everything and anything relating to the sea, microorganisms, 19th century naturalism or wonderfully blurred lines between science and art. Proteus:  a very unique looking documentary on Ernst Haeckel More images & Info: