System Designs

This week was definitely system design week.  Joe and I are coming up with more and more questions about the specifics about how we want things to run, and we’ve already demolished a few problems.  Specifically, we’ve created an awesome system for hard-coding physical x/y coordinates so that we can do visual effects in terms[…]

Pendulums, Part II

While the possibility of servo-motors still exists, and has already been demonstrated to work under a fairly simple control scheme, servo-motors are somewhat expensive ($8-10 each) and exhibit a great deal of mechanical noise. An alternative actuator is the solenoid. While solenoids can range in cost, I have already found a source that will sell[…]

Pi, PureData, Python and PHP

Alright. So I looked into Satellite CCRMA, which offers an all-in-one image for the RPi, including PureData, Arduino and a bunch of other useful tools + software for audio installations such as ours. I have this image running on my pi right now. I’ve set up a pretty nifty little self-contained PureData development environment. Now[…]