Processing LEDS

As Joe mentioned in his team update, we got together and spent some time working on his LED strips. The issue we had with the power supply brings up the issue about supplying power to the project, which is something I think we should talk about in tomorrow’s meeting.

Additionally, we went over the processing applet that Tyler created. We wanted to create some sort of variables for PH, Salinity and Nitrogen. So I messed around trying to come up with some model to include these variables in the matrix. As of right now I simply have each variable mapped to an RGB value which dictates the color of each square.

To make it cooler and more interactive, I added 3 sliders so that the user can individually change each variable. When each value is the same, the matrix becomes animated under Tyler’s original function. (This is to simulate some sort of “balance”). I am still trying to figure out some different ways to model/map these three values into some interesting and beautiful animations.

I will also be talking to Joe to see if we can get this code to run on the LED strip instead of through simulation. I think this is a good jumping off point to creating a working prototype of the LED system.

Additionally: you can view and download the app I’ve created at this link:

I also included Steven’s Phytoplankton Pendulums in there 🙂

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