Structure, roof and column + notes

Finally figured out how to post a progress report.  Yippee for me.  This week I have been concentrating on the structure and how to make it both modular and very durable while maintaining an aesthetic appeal.  In doing so, I’ll be making an updated model.  I would like to make it with the laser printer but may need some help entering my drawings into Correll (any volunteers?).I have been working with Courtney and Stephanie, who are concentrating on the inner column and the succulent roof design.  My collaboration with them has been mainly about providing dimensions in order to coordinate our moquettes. Attached are some (very rough) sketches of what I have in mind.  Please ignore my chicken scratch and misspellings.  See you tomorrow. L

This first image is of the “pie sections” that would make up the dome of the roof and be planted with succulents.  They bolt together to enhance strength of the roof and slat fit into the outer metal ring that makes up the top of the main structure.  The succulents could either be planted directly in them – although the would be quite large and heavy or,  pre-grown on a wire/moss/wire growing medium that could be affixed into the pie pieces when constructing the installation.  The later option would allow more rooting time for the succulents.  Another piece of the “pie piece” that I thought might work well is to have the bottom of them done in plexiglass –  clear or blue (for a water effect).  This would also allow viewers to see the rooting system of the succulents and prevent water leakage into the interior of the structure – hopefully.

Image #2 is a rough sketch of the structure and its dimensions.  It addresses some of the potential issues with the windows and bending the bamboo…

The last image is of the inside column.  Although the outer skinning of the column is still in flux and pending the final game design, the interior column, in my thoughts, could extend from the ground (where it could be bolted) to the roof where the “pie pieces would slat in to.  It could be in two vertical pieces or several horizontal pieces – whatever would offer the most stable support.  The bottom of the interior column could have an access door that houses electronics etc.  I thought the column could be a heavy gage metal screen or mesh so that lights could show through.


Roof structure and notesOuter Structure and notescolumn structure and notes

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