System Designs

This week was definitely system design week.  Joe and I are coming up with more and more questions about the specifics about how we want things to run, and we’ve already demolished a few problems.  Specifically, we’ve created an awesome system for hard-coding physical x/y coordinates so that we can do visual effects in terms of positions in a way that is scalable and robust and we’ve developed a first draft of an overarching design of all the different systems and how they’re going to be laid out/communicate with each other.  There is still a butt-ton of work to do though, and the full weight of that only sank in recently.  It’s definitely going to be a bit of a crunch to get things up and running on time, but I’m optimistic.  On my agenda I’m creating a protocol for these different systems to communicate in an efficient yet responsive way over serial in a way that can change any component to any possible state and possibly with arguments, which can be thought of as substates, on top solving the problem of keeping all the separate subsystems in sync.  I’ve got some ideas that I’m going to try out, and hopefully soon I’ll be able to move onto other things.  Joe’s breaking walls down in rotary encoder land, and I’m definitely ready to get that system working once we’ve actually got some rotary encoders to play with.

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