Algae Opera

In  Michael Burton & Michiko Nitta’s project Algae Opera, an opera singer is transformed with biotechnology to form a unique relationship with algae. The algae, which are a photosynthetic plant-like organism, feeds on the carbon dioxide in the singer’s breath You can read more about the project here:

Phillips Design Probes & Bio-light!

Some amazing projects from the Phillips Design Lab:  

Ernst Haeckel – The definition of Inspiration

Ernst Haeckel is a true and constant source of inspiration, in everything and anything relating to the sea, microorganisms, 19th century naturalism or wonderfully blurred lines between science and art. Proteus:  a very unique looking documentary on Ernst Haeckel More images & Info:

Interactive Phytoplankton & Jellyfish exhibits at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Here’s a couple of links to some great projects at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, that allow visitors to interact with digital jellyfish, through a foot pump interface: And another amazing touch screen interface for exploring the world of Phytoplankton: