Dinoflagellates Update

crude 3d rendering

Hey guys, it’s Will. What you see above a very poorly rendered model of what I’d like one of the dinoflagellates would look like. Fortunately, I have better pictures of these in the 5th slide of this Prezi that I made a while back. I think it’d be possible to get the top and bottom half of this thing to open and close using a linear stepper motor, so I’ll get into the mechatronics lab this week and try to find something that I can use so that I have something physical to show you guys. (Most people suggest tearing apart old CD drives for small motors like that, so if anyone would like to donate an old CD drive…)  Another thing that I thought would be nice would be if we had the dinoflagellates emitting sound through a low pass filter, with the cutoff frequency rising as they opened up, which would create an effect like this: lptest. That’s all for now, but I’ll keep you guys updated as I make progress.

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