Domes: Geodesic vs. Hemispherical?

One of the biggest decisions we have to make is whether to go with a Geodesic or Hemispherical style domed roof.  Our roof is also a green roof where we’ll be planting over 2,000 native succulents, so our decision has to bring in drainage, steepness, weight limits, aesthetics and more.  Ultimately, we’d love to see a geodesic dome as it parallels and draws inspiration from the internal structures various diatoms that also rely on geodesic forms.  However, they also create a difficult situation in regard to drainage as rain and regular watering are something to consider with our green roof.  A more traditional Hemispherical style domed roof is another option.  I’ve listed a few links below to some options that I’ve come across in my research:

Traditional Hemispherical Domes:

Green Roof Inspiration:

A full-scale “Succulent Globe” that follows the more traditional “Hemispherical” design:

A great tool for determining dome measurements:

And a bunch of great Geodesic Dome resources (I kinda like Geodesic Domes if you haven’t already figured that out!)

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