Entropy Resins

As a part of the 3D protoyping process, mold making and casting often comes into play as a way to make repeated forms from an original prototype.  After a while, the toxic nature of working with various industrial chemicals and casting materials, begins to take a toll.  The sad story of Eva Hesse is all you need to hear as an artist, when contemplating whether or not its worth it to use this toxic material or that more environmentally / ecologically minded one.  That’s where Entropy resin has come into play.  Not only is it a safer material to work with as a living, breathing organism, but the process in which it has been made, follows a sustainably minded production path.  From recycled materials and industrial products, to the short carbon trail it follows, being locally created in California, this product has turned out to be perfect for many of the sculptural forms found within Oceanic Scales.  For more info, check out their website:

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