Game of Balance

This is concept poster for a game that will challenge participants to work together to balance ocean chemistry. Three separate wheel stations representing sulfate, nitrogen and pH will be tied together in a relative way, requiring attention and collaboration from all involved. Each wheel station has a gauge displaying the relative level of the chemical that station is responsible for. For example, if sulfate low, it can be rectified either by increasing sulfate or reducing nitrogen and pH. The game is satisfied only by proper ratio, such that there is no position of the sulfate wheel where sulfate is always balanced. This makes the players attuned to the see-saw nature of oceanic chemical equilibrium, and functions as a suggestion of a collaborative human effort to return the Earth to its natural course. As the balance changes, leds in overhead  phytoplankton cast in entropy resin fade from red to blue or green, and a winning balance will cause them to rhythmically pulsate together or in waves. Additionally, a button will be available to import live data from ocean monitoring sites as the starting point of the game, giving players an immediate and tangible connection to the issue.

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