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I was researching if I was writing my PHP scripts correctly to work with the Arduino and I came across a video that was pretty interesting. Having an Arduino connected to a Nokia screen and using PHP to access the rss to display the weather. He even has the code in the description. It just reminds me of those display screens on the Prezi. Also I have been looking for the range of nitrate for the low/balanced/high levels so I can calculate it to a value between 0 to 255.

So far I have pH done since Gene has already provided a range for pH. Since pH ranges from 0 to 14, and I’m sure when people are changing the pH level they’ll be able to even go below 6 and above 8, I made three conditions for 0-6, 7-7.9, and 8-14 for each level.

I just finished calculating temperature since it was similar to pH šŸ™‚

For example, if theĀ temperatureĀ inputted is about 26.426 inĀ Celsius, then the RGB value is around 230.343. 26C being pretty high, the RGB value is in the high range, which I estimated between 171 to 255. These calculations are not accurate in anyway though they are within the ranges of Low/Balanced/High. They’re rough estimates just to there could be a value between 0-255.

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