New Oceanic Scales “Outcropping” design

This is a new design that has evolved from the last “wall unit” prototype.  This form is inspired by the eroded structures of the rock outcroppings that litter the central coast of California.  They are also inspired by Frank Gehry’s “Easy Edges” furniture design technique.  By salvaging used cardboard from local furniture stores, we’ve found a renewable and free material that can be laser cut and reformed into dynamic and quite sturdy sculptural forms.  The front / cardboard wave side will be encrusted with the same machinic phytoplankton and molecule forms as the last prototype, but with the added texture of an internal, permeating light source. The back sides of the new outcropping structures are lined with aviary wire and spagnum moss, serving as a growth medium for native succulent plants.  This balance of land and sea explores the territory that bridges these two worlds forming a hybrid ecosystem.  The last few images in the gallery above are of some of our new diatom forms.  One of our collaborating artists Richard Vallejos has been working on new parametric models in Rhino / Grasshopper for us to 3D print on our Ultimaker printer.  The honeycomb forms are one of our newest designs that we’re currently experimenting with.

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