Oceanic Scales at the Randall Children’s Museum

We had a great time setting up the newest evolution of Oceanic Scales last week at the Randall Children’s Museum.  A special thanks goes out to Leslie Thompson & James Shedel for their continued dedication to the project and to Susan Working for making this all possible at the Randall.  We can’t wait for the museum renovation to be complete this Fall and for the city of San Francisco to experience Oceanic Scales in the new oceans exhibit space.  We are particularly excited to be just around the corner from a sound installation from Bernie Krause bridging the Red Woods to the Sea. We are also debuting our two new wall based outcropping forms, with 180 degree projected surfaces and bamboo wall plates.  These new pieces were inspired by smaller rock outcropping forms from both California and Maine, bridging the east and west coast and the OpenLab at UCSC with the Coaction Lab at the University of Maine.

The new museum renovation is set to be complete this Fall, when we’ll also debut our Oceanic Scales / Phyto Heroes app on the Apple store and at the Randall, exploring this Art & Science game and curriculum plan for elementary school students.  Here are few photos from the new space with 99% of the interactive system install complete.