March 31, 2016

Modular System

Oceanic Scales was built with modularity in mind.  We have created a hybrid project, part science exhibit part art installation. It can be installed in a variety of locations at a variety of physical scales.

The following examples demonstrate the four different scales of the project:

  1. A Virtual Touch Screen Configuration: Downloadable / customizable / portable option for spaces that don’t have room for the partial or full installation but have touchscreen capability.
  2. Partial Scale freestanding or wall & ceiling mounted with variable outcropping set up for a variety of installation options, indoor or outdoor (solar power option)
  3. Full Scale: Three balanced, freestanding Outcroppings indoor or outdoor (solar power option)
  4. Mobile App System: virtual game version supports the main installation as a virtual info tool as well as including: educational game variations of the project, downloadable curriculum plans for elementary school teachers & an augmented reality info system that serves as a key to the interactive, Oceanic  Scales puzzle