Oceanic Scales Puzzle Game / App Beta Testing at Weatherbee Elementary

We had the opportunity last month to beta test our new Oceanic Scales puzzle game and app system with the 4th grade class of the Weatherbee Elementary School in Hampden, Maine.  Chynna Avery Felice, the creator of the Oceanic Scales lesson plans invited her partner Gene A. Felice II, co-creator of the Oceanic Scales puzzle game and app system, to join her and her 4th grade students for this special event.  App developer and UMaine New Media undergraduate student Aidan Bauer was also able to participate and help explain the puzzle game to the class.  We also had a special visit from Chynna’s parents, Bob & Tanya Avery (former teachers as well), who participated in the beta testing session as well.  The students were really engaged and played for 45 min. solid before we stopped and had them fill out a reflection document that we designed for the beta testing session.  We got some great feedback from the students and are hard at work on the next revision.  We’ll be debuting the full app in October during our show at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History.  Favorite comments from the kids that day include:

  • “I like how we are almost saving the world.  Not really, but almost.”
  • “I like this game because it shows you what phytoplankton have to go through and it teaches you not to pollute.”
  • “This was super fun and all the little Phytoplankton were sooo cute!  It was clever of you to make the level where you put the trash in the recycle cans and it was so fun!”
  • I loved everything it was sooo amazing they always are challenging and educating on the levels which makes it fun!!! and cool!!! And the best game!!!”