First Oceanic Scales / Mechatronics class!

We had the first class of our Spring quarter Mechatronics / Oceanic Scales project group this week and everyone got to introduce themselves and share their thoughts. Jennifer put together an amazing array of  land & ecology based artists, widening perspectives and planting seeds of creativity.  With over a dozen graduate and undergraduate students involved, across the multiple departments of DANM, CS, Electrical Engineering, Robotics & Marine Biology, the pool of thought and expertise promises to create unique results.

It was also great to experiment with a new Prezi project map / presentation set up and to walk the team through it all.  I learned that it’s better to navigate yourself then to induce the nausea of animated travel.  Overall, it’s really exciting to have such an amazing crew of people that are interested in helping to create this interactive system.

This week also involved setting up a finalized timeline for the quarter, with a focus on building scale models of the structure and functional prototypes of the 3 interactive systems and a ocean data barometer system, by the end of the quarter.  It’s going to be a busy 10 weeks, but with this much help, I think we can pull it off.  This week we’ll be digging heavily into the research and project development and students will begin their own research and sketches of initial systems.  It feels good to finally emerge from all of the project development and to begin the production phase of the project.  I look forward to delving back into the worlds of 3D to rapid prototype & CNC new forms for the various micro-organism inspired forms.  I also look forward to creating the final 3 bronze rings, for water, nitrogen & salinity.  I can’t wait to see what’s possible with a little more experience under my belt with metal and machining.

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