OS Nightime Security

Security poster

This is a concept poster for a night time security option involving removable gates. During the daytime these gates would be lifted from their hinges and stored on a rack on the back of the module. Each doorway is equipped with two hanger tabs (featured below, right) on which the gate is hung, swung into place and padlocked on the opposite side. This unbreachable yet simple hanger system would be operable by a single volunteer. The vertical bars of the gate offer simple construction in 3/4 steel box beam, while allowing the after hours viewing of automatic light shows in the interior of the exhibition. To avoid a “prison bars” feel, decorative round circles with waterjet cut designs would break up the lines and set off the oceanic critter theme nicely.

Gate Detail  Hanger detail

Many possible designs for the circles exist such that each one could be unique:

relief circle poss

During the day these gates are removed and stored on a rack (pictured below) on the backside of the structure:

gate storage rack

Using a simple custom rack hanger and locking mechanism (pictured below), the security of the gates during the day can also be insured. The gate would be hung from two hangers above such that its bottom bar rests neatly on the lower jaw of this locking mechanism. The top bar is swung down and padlocked, ensuring that the gates cannot be lifted off their hangers.

Gate lock detail

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