Our first Prototype Demo!

Many thanks to the OpenLab and Oceanic Scales team for an amazing amount of dedication and hard work leading up to our first demonstration of our prototype system at the UCSC Art dept. open studios event this past Friday.  Our fabricators did an amazing job on the 5th scale model and Jasen turned the original design into a set of highly detailed CAD drawings.  Our interactive electronics specialists and programmers worked around the clock to pull the whole system together as well as over 800 LED soldering connections done by the entire crew!  We’re very lucky to have such a dedicated team and it couldn’t have been done without everyone’s hard work and creativity.  We still have a lot of aesthetic details to add, plenty of mold making and casting and multitudes of electronics and programmed intelligence to add into the system, but at this point, we can officially move on from the prototyping stage to the final production phase leading to the main event in September.  Friday was a great opportunity to test our interactive system on the general public and to collectively develop new ways to collaborate with our audience and our subject of research.  Here are some photos from Friday’s event.  Video is soon to come!

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