Pi, PureData, Python and PHP

Alright. So I looked into Satellite CCRMA, which offers an all-in-one image for the RPi, including PureData, Arduino and a bunch of other useful tools + software for audio installations such as ours. I have this image running on my pi right now. I’ve set up a pretty nifty little self-contained PureData development environment. Now I just need the know-how to create a resonant filter patch with some audio input. I’ve been tinkering with PD, so I kind of understand how we need to get it done, and I’ve been talking to Will about the specifics of a resonant filter.

So basically, at this point we are ready to create and tinker to our hearts desire in order to get the sound-environment we want for the project, as well as move on to the larger project of integrating all the systems as they start forming.

And on that note… I’ve been trying to get Jasmine’s python + php scripts for pulling down the data feeds running from the pi. It has been an issue so far sharing the internet connection with the pi AND giving it a static IP in order to SSH into it. But I finally got that working. So I’m updating the image and installing the necessary python libraries in order to run the script (hopfully this doesn’t break functionality). Then I’ll be able to see what issues I’ll come up with in running the scripts, which hopefully won’t be many.

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