Raspberry Pi Audio

I was interested in what Sudhu was working on with MAX/MSP for the audio component of the project.

In trying to find a way to get a similar live audio system running (as opposed to looping pre-recorded tracks), I found out that Pure Data has been successfully tested on the RPi. Pure Data, as I understand it, is another visual programming language similar to MAX. One of the key differences being that it is Open Source, meaning it has a lot more potential to be released and supported for a platform such as the raspberry pi.

I am in the process of seeing if I can get Pure Data up and running on the raspberry pi. I am quite confident that I can do so, I will post a video if I can get it sorted before tomorrow.

Once I can get that working, then I will try to work with Sudhu to translate his MAX programs into PureData so we can get them running off the pi. Or even just get a basic understanding of these resonant filters, to see if I can get something working myself.

Another thing to consider is that we might need a USB audio card. I have heard the audio qualities of the Pi are limited, but have not tested them myself.

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