Rotary Encoders, LEDs, Update

We purchased 15 meters of WS2811 based RGB LED strips (30 LEDS/meter). Pretty awesome stuff. Also purchased WS2801 based LED strands, 80 units, to be used for the walls. The plan is to drive the walls with FastSPI (maybe just one arduino with a 50ohm resistor on the on the last DO pin)… The mega should handle the WS2811. We need to figure out power supplies for all of this but that can wait for now I think.

The rotary encoder chips and breakout boards arrived. Just waiting on the magnets now. Some challenges right now with them is that they aren’t simple SSOP16 breakout boards but actually have other components on them. I’m going to meet with a robotics grad student that has access to a lab that can do SMD soldering soon hopefully. Also, he said they had components to, so this would be a major break through on this front.

I also worked on testing serial out between multiple arduinos. I had a moment of terror when I thought I fried 2 ATMEGA chips, but it turns out that arduinos just don’t like having their RX, TX pins attached to each other when uploading (Duh). So that was a relief.

My objective right now is to continue working on the rotary encoders until the LEDs arrive. Once they arrive I’ll get them setup for Tyler to mess with/work with further. After I get them setup, I’ll go back to working on the rotary encoders.

Image via ASM components. Big thanks to them for the samples as well!

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