Column Updates…

Hi everyone,

Sorry this is so late, but I have been working on the center column and sketching out some possible ideas for the organisms. The column that I presented on Wednesday was inspired by biomorphic architectural designs mainly ones that are meant to be skyscrapers. One of the architects that I looked at for inspiration was Zaha Hadid, her forms are meant to provided  fluidity within a space, this is key for me in regards to the column. The audience should be able to experience/navigate through the space freely and the column along with the organism should have a cohesiveness that draws the audience eye from the column onto the organisms. For the organisms I have been looking at Ernst Haeckel drawing I hope to get some clay this week and start trying to make a model for one of my organism sketches.

Zaha+Hadid+Arum+Installation+Venice+Biennale+2012,+Photography+courtesy+of+Iwan+Baan+(2)1348996390_HadidArum_0812_AR_03_tcm20-1521552skycraper bio zaha towers modles

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